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Core Sculpt Pilates & Breathwork

45 Mins of Deep Core Focus

  • 20 Australian dollars
  • Evolve, Cannonvale

Service Description

Tone, tighten and strengthen your core! Absolutely everyone, at all fitness levels, can benefit from having a stronger core. So, whether you think that you have a weak core, low back pain, are always slumping or just can’t seem to get rid of your lower tummy bulge – come and get involved in this core rebuilding challenge. What will these classes involve? - Pilates workout – Pilates is a form of bodyweight strength and flexibility training that focusses on control, precision and muscle activation. Almost all the exercises involve a continuous flow of movement that lengthen, strengthen and tone your body. - T-Zone, T-Zone, T-Zone…. Every class we will spend time activating your T-Zone, this is the combination of your Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominus. We use this combination to create a powerhouse of strength and stability in your pelvis. - Full core routine – each class is going to target all muscle groups in the core through varied and creatively planned workouts - Equipment – I like to keep things interesting by incorporating pieces of equipment such as the small ball, magic circle and bands. - Options to take more advanced or easier levels in the majority of the exercises and ALWAYS have a rest if you are starting to lose your quality of movement. So, so, so many benefits to having a strong core! I get buzzed about all the functional benefits but it also feels great to improve your tone and appearance of our waist. By toning and tightening your core muscles – you reduce the appearance and circumference of your waist. And by making a commitment to your core training, you will naturally want to make better nutritional and lifestyle choices too. - Finishing off each class with 10-15 minutes of Oxygen Advantage Breathwork. This is functional breathwork training focussing on breathing slow, light and deep. (Not Wim Hof style ;) Functional Breathwork has the following benefits: Improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the cells Dilates the upper airways (nose) and lower airways (lungs) Significantly reduces exercise-induced bronchoconstriction Reduces energy cost associated with breathing Maintains parasympathetic–sympathetic balance Improves sleep, focus, concentration and calm Improves posture and spinal stabilization Improves functional movement to reduce the risk of injury No matter where you are in your fitness journey you will benefit from having a stronger core and more functional breathing.

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  • Yoga Therapies, 76 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale QLD, Australia


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