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@ Evolve, Cannonvale

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Current Class Schedule 

What better time of the year to stay consistent with a nourishing mind & body practice. Come and join me in Evolve for the best way to start your day! All of my classes involve Matwork Pilates and an additional mind or body practice that I believe helps your entire feeling of balance and wellness. . 


All classes being run @ Evolve, 76 Shute Harbour Rd
6:00 am (1 hour)

Monday - Full Body Pilates & Meditation 

Wednesday - Core Sculpt Pilates & Breathwork

Friday - Beach Peach Pilates (glutes) & Deep Hip Stretch


$20 - Buy 3 for $50 


$35 Weekly Membership for unlimited access (cancel anytime) 

Mobility - Pilates - Meditation - Breathwork

Justine x  

$35 Weekly Membership for unlimited access is back!
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 @ 76 Shute Harbour Road 

Evolve is a beautiful studio located right in the heart of Cannonvale, on Shute Harbour Road. The studio itself is fully equipped with 15 mats, but feel free to bring your own if you would like to double up! It's a beautiful, private space with wooden floors, air conditioning and blankets, bolsters, blocks all at our fingertips.

Parking is free - just in front of the studio 

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6am Monday 

LOCATION: Evolve, 76 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie
Full Body Pilates - Upper Body, Core and Glutes

Yoga Nidra Meditative Nap with cooling eye pillow

These classes are designed to develop your total wellbeing, with each class including practices to balance your mind, revitalise muscles and joints and sculpt toned bodies. I will guide you through all of your movements, coming round to help position you correctly so you can get the most out of your class. Suitable for beginners and more advanced movers.

Perfect for those looking for a full body workout that is low impact on your joints but has a strong impact on how you feel inside your skin.

Each class will be toning, sculpting and strengthening our upper body/back, Core and Glutes

I will set you up and demonstrate each exercise and then come around to make physical corrections and ensure that you feel confident in how you are moving

Low impact with 90% of the exercises being done on the mat

Access to all the wonderful equipment at Evolve such as Bolsters, Blankets, Blocks, Wrist Supports to ensure you are as comfortable as possible for both your workout and your meditation

1 hour class where I will get your head in the game with 5 minutes of introducing all of the cueing, 35 minutes of matwork and then 5 minutes of deep stretching to finish and get the heart rate back down.

Finished off with a 15 minute guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.. Yoga Nidra is a meditative nap, where you will lie back with a cooling eye pillow in your most comfortable position and follow my guidance as I bring your attention inwards and awaken your senses to the present moment. I am also an Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Instructor and like to incorporate some breathwork for recovery/anxiety reduction techniques into my meditations.

-    Work on muscular imbalances and receive personalised adaptations for your posture type
-    Increase flexibility in hamstrings, hip flexors and spine
-    Strengthen your core and glutes to take the pressure off your back and improve your posture  
-    Free up joints for better quality of day-to-day movements and increased performance 
-    Open up through your hip joints for a wide range of health benefits 
-    Move better, Sleep better, Feel better 


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Wednesday 6am 
@ EVOLVE, 76 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale

Tone, tighten and strengthen your core!

Absolutely everyone, at all fitness levels, can benefit from having a stronger core. So, whether you think that you have a weak core, low back pain, are always slumping or just can’t seem to get rid of your lower tummy bulge – come and get involved in this core rebuilding challenge.  

What will these classes involve? 

-    Pilates workout – Pilates is a form of bodyweight strength and flexibility training that focusses on control, precision and muscle activation. Almost all the exercises involve a continuous flow of movement that lengthen, strengthen and tone your body.
-    T-Zone, T-Zone, T-Zone…. Every class we will spend time activating your T-Zone, this is the combination of your Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominus. We use this combination to create a powerhouse of strength and stability in your pelvis. 
-    Full core routine – each class is going to target all muscle groups in the core through varied and creatively planned workouts
-    Equipment – I like to keep things interesting by incorporating pieces of equipment such as the small ball, magic circle and bands.
-    Options to take more advanced or easier levels in the majority of the exercises and ALWAYS have a rest if you are starting to lose your quality of movement.

So, so, so many benefits to having a strong core! I get buzzed about all the functional benefits but it also feels great to improve your tone and appearance of our waist. By toning and tightening your core muscles – you reduce the appearance and circumference of your waist. And by making a commitment to your core training, you will naturally want to make better nutritional and lifestyle choices too. 

- Finishing off each class with 10-15 minutes of Oxygen Advantage Breathwork. This is functional breathwork training focussing on breathing slow, light and deep. (Not Wim Hof style ;)

Functional Breathwork has the following benefits: 

Improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the cells
Dilates the upper airways (nose) and lower airways (lungs)
Significantly reduces exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
Reduces energy cost associated with breathing
Maintains parasympathetic–sympathetic balance
Improves sleep, focus, concentration and calm
Improves posture and spinal stabilization
Improves functional movement to reduce the risk of injury


No matter where you are in your fitness journey you will benefit from having a stronger core and more functional breathing. 



Friday 6am 
@ EVOLVE, 76 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale

So many of my Pilates clients absolutely love the booty burn so here I am with a Beach Peach class to get excited about. Come and join me for 45 minute Glute focussed workouts - using Pilates exercises and a combination of equipment like the booty bands and small ball. Finishing off each class with 15 minutes of deep, satisfying stretch holds to allow for emotional and physical release through your hips.


These classes aim to grow the glutes without growing the legs - the burn will be REAL! 

So what is going to be involved in the workouts?

-    Dynamic hip opening exercises to increase range of movement and strength potential whilst reducing hip tightness
-    Glute activation - get the glutes fired up ready for maximum engagement
-    Pilates style Workouts designed to target glute max, medius and minimus for a well rounded, high performance booty 
-    Booty bands, small ball, magic circle to add extra intensity and creativity 
-    A focus on alignment, progressive overload and deeply satisfying booty burn  


This is the perfect challenge to run alongside your normal gym/exercise routine as a super boost for your glute gains!

A great beach peach does LOOK fantastic and help you feel confident - but did you know about all the functional advantages that having strong glutes give you? 

POSTURE - Having weak or underdeveloped glutes can have detrimental effects on your posture, as they are part of your body’s stabilization system.

REDUCE BACK PAIN - The glutes play a major role in relieving some of the stress and pressure from your lower back. Your glutes help control the movement of the pelvis, hips, legs, and torso. The more we strengthen your glutes - the less stress and expectation is placed on the lower back to perform these duties. 

PERFORMANCE - Stronger glutes is essentially to allow you to walk better, jump higher, run faster, squat deeper and lift heavier

SEX LIFE - Exercises that build strength and mobility in your hips, glutes, and core can improve your sex life.

Having strong glutes is an integral part of your body’s overall health. Powerful glutes play a key role in how efficiently your body moves… with that in mind…. 

"Justine is a fantastic pilates instructor. She created workouts with options tailored to my needs and I always left the class feeling amazing. Highly recommend a session with Justine!!"

Ingrid - 

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