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I'm Justine, your qualified Pilates Instructor, originally from the UK. My last 10 years have been spent working and living in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I returned to Australia over 3 years ago and the Whitsundays have stolen my heart and settled my soul.

I started my journey of strength and conditioning in my early teens, competing at a national level in athletics, pentathlons and later heptathlons.

It wasn't until I discovered Pilates and mobility work 2.5 years ago that I also discovered so much about my body. Spinal issues, posture corrections and muscle imbalances were amongst those that I was clueless about - I had put my pain down to ageing which I have since learnt is far from the truth.

​I feel better and more educated about my body now than I ever have and a few years ago I had no idea I could have achieved it from such a low-impact activity. Having always been fit and active I was amazed at how many exercises I had been doing wrong all these years.

Breathwork and Yoga Nidra practices were initially incorporated into my workouts simply because they make you feel so good! Having now become qualified in these areas, I am obsessed by the science behind the practice and the ability that we have to control both performance and emotions through very simple actions.

Everything in a Full Body Pilates Experience is chosen for its proven scientific results. Functional breathwork being paramount for functional movement, functional mobility to enable correct muscle activation and alignment in Pilates, Pilates exercises to strengthen our core and improve posture, then deep stretching to enhance recovery and flexibility and Yoga Nidra providing the mindful break that everyone can benefit from.
My sessions are a winning combination of movement and rest for total wellbeing.

I have worked as an Athletics coach, English Teacher and Dive Instructor as part of my journey and teaching is something I absolutely love. Combine this love with a tonne of patience, good sense of humour, passion for helping people and a splash of creativity. I focus on my clients feeling good from the inside out.


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