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Your choice of 14 different classes a week.....

Once you are signed up to Unlimited Membership all you have to do is book your space in the classes you want to attend. You can do this easily by downloading my Fit by Wix App - which is completely free and makes booking and viewing the schedule really easy
(Full class description is at the bottom of this page :) 

Dramatic Sunset

Unlimited Membership
$35 per week 

 Cancel anytime :)

UNLIMITED access to all of the Pilates and Mobility classes that I run at both Evolve and Coral Sea Marina. 

Please note - I am going to be away in the UK from the 8th July until the 5th August. Classes will resume as normal from the 7th August :) 

How do I cancel my membership? 

Very simply go into your account and select to 'Cancel Membership' - once you have done this, no further payments will be taken and you will not be able to book into any further classes. Any problems and I will sort it out for you :)  

Do you have an App I can download?

Yes, absolutely and it's completely FREE and makes checking out the schedule and booking classes very easy. It also keeps you up to date with all my latest notifications and gives you full access to all of my YouTube videos 



What if I'm going away on holiday? 

No worries, I'm sure it's well deserved and it's no problem at all for me to just 'suspend' your membership until you get back. When I do this - no further payments will be taken and you will not be able to book any further classes. 

Do I still need to book my classes?

Yes please - I have a limit of 8 mat spaces for my Marina Classes and 12 mat spaces for my classes at Evolve. It is very easy to book using the app or through the website. Any problems you can always just send me a text and let me know which classes you would like to attend! 

What does Unlimited really mean?

It means if you wanted to attend all 14 of my classes in the week then you can - as long as you book your place and turn up for the classes you are welcome to them all!